How to get the right dental care at a local dentist in Iowa

Lubbock dental technician Shoshana Brown was born in Israel, moved to the United States and is now a licensed dentist in Lubbocks, Texas.

She’s currently working as a dentist at the local school.

Brown told the Jerusalem Post she came to Lubbocked for the best of intentions.

She told the paper, “I love Lubbocker, but the way the world is headed and what’s happening in the world and the way my country is going, I couldn’t sit still and be a dentist and have my kids stay in the same place for five years.

So I decided to move here, and to get a dental practice and I’m doing that.”

Brown has started her practice at the Dental Hospital of Lubblock, which serves low-income and underserved communities in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Brown said she has found the community here to be a very accepting place.

Brown said she enjoys the fact that the community is open to all people, regardless of where they come from, ethnicity or creed.

Brown’s first dental appointment with a patient was on Wednesday, Oct. 14, when she saw an 80-year-old woman in need.

Brown told the Post she was impressed that she had the patient’s name on the file and said, “She has a nice smile.

Brown’s practice has also expanded to include a small team of dentists and other staff.”

Brown said her practice is open Monday through Friday, but she said she will be open on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Brown’s practice has also expanded to include a small team of dentists and other staff.

She said she hopes to become a certified dental hygienist someday.

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