Why the Cleveland Dentist Accused of Assaulting His Daughters

When Cleveland dentist Abilene, TX, dentist Anthony Dyer allegedly assaulted his daughters after allegedly not getting enough dental care, the local press reported.

The alleged attack took place over the summer, Fox 5 reported, citing local news reports.

On Wednesday, the Dyer family attorney said in a statement that the dentist’s actions were not condoned by the Dyers and that the family had a right to sue him.

In a statement to ABC News, the attorney, Mike DeCarlo, said that the attack was the result of a lack of dental care from his wife and daughters who were in the process of getting their teeth extracted.

The incident, which took place in August, was first reported by The Cleveland Plain Dealer, which said that on August 8, the family went to the dentist for a routine dental check.

The report said that Dyer began to massage his daughter’s mouth, which the woman said she did not like.

He then began to make lewd remarks and attempted to touch her private parts, the report said.

Dyer said that he stopped after the girl’s parents confronted him.

DeCarla said that after the parents confronted the dentist, he was able to physically restrain Dyer, which resulted in him hitting his daughter.

“I’m not defending him, I’m not criticizing him, but I’m just trying to defend myself,” DeCarlelo told ABC News.

“What I did is very reasonable and what I did was not condented by the family.”

The Dyers also said that DeCarli said to his daughter, “This is the way you treat girls.”

They also said they felt he was bullying his daughter and that they were “in a lot of pain” from the incident.

The family has filed a lawsuit against the dentist.

ABC News’ Kevin Gomez and Eric Dyson contributed to this report.

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