The dentists of Tijuana are getting an earful

Dentistas en Tijuana, dentist sarasaota, tijuana dentists are getting in touch with the new President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, to complain about a lack of dental work.

“They are not getting the services they need in Tijuana,” the dentist, Alejandro Guillermo, told the Televisa news channel.

“It is an issue for them and they are looking for solutions.

They are calling to the government of Tamaulipas and other municipalities to fix the problem.”

In response, Peña has promised to improve the situation.

In a speech to the Congress of Mexican Dentists in April, he announced the formation of a task force that will work on “structuring dental services” in Tamaullas, a province on Mexico’s Gulf coast.

“The task force is looking for a solution that will improve the quality of services and improve the working environment,” Peña said.

He also said that a new program would be created for the dental sector.

The government’s announcement came on the heels of a wave of protests over the lack of services.

In late August, a group of doctors in the town of Tepalcillo, on Mexico State’s Pacific Coast, staged a demonstration against the lack and inadequate care.

They also demanded the formation by local government of a new dental school, saying it was necessary to improve their dental quality and quality of life.

They said the lack was not just due to a lack, but also because of the high cost of the services.

On Monday, the state-run National Assembly passed a bill that would give dentists the right to form a health organization to “better provide dental services and promote dental education”.

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