How the world’s most-watched sports event became a viral hit

A new viral hit in the world of sports is drawing fans and celebrities from around the world.

On Saturday, March 12, the Olympic torch will be passed through the city of Sarasota, Portugal, to the Olympic Stadium in Glasgow.

The torch is now being carried by a procession of more than 40,000 people through the streets of the Portuguese capital.

For the past week, the torch has been passing through the heart of Saracens team’s pre-season preparations, and many people have been wearing the red and white to the training session in the city.

On Thursday, the team’s official Twitter account posted a video showing how the torch had passed through a busy street in Saraso.

In the video, fans can be seen dancing and singing along to the music as the torch passes.

“It’s a great moment, but the whole world is watching.

People are dancing,” the caption on the video read.

The celebration is also being streamed on social media and is being seen by people across the globe.

The first tweet on Twitter of the day included the hashtags #SarasotaSparks and #SparckSpark, which were trending worldwide on Thursday.

The hashtag #Sasosparks trended on Twitter for hours on Thursday, with people tweeting pictures of themselves wearing the colours and wearing hats with the hashtag.

On Friday, a video of the parade was posted on the website of the Portugal-based Olympic Committee.

In it, the players from Portugal are shown dancing and making hand signals as they pass through the crowds.

The players are then seen celebrating with a beer bottle.

In a separate video posted on YouTube on Friday, the Portuguese players can be heard making hand gestures while walking past the crowds, and holding their beer bottles in their hands.

On the same day, the BBC, CNN and the Associated Press all carried live updates on the torch celebrations, with a video posted by the Associated Pro Football Writers showing a team of Portuguese football players singing, playing guitar and playing basketball.

The BBC also carried an audio commentary with the players, who were singing a song that had been played on the radio in Sarais.

“You can’t go anywhere without seeing this.

You can’t get out of your house without hearing this,” one player says in the audio clip.

Another said, “You’re going to see a new world, a new day, a whole new day.”

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