‘It’s just the facts’: The real estate industry’s new ‘anti-gay’ propaganda campaign

As conservatives, we often try to defend our values, our way of life, and our faith.

When a government agency attempts to do something to our property or our freedoms, we react with a visceral response.

But when a government official decides to create a new form of anti-gay propaganda, we need to ask ourselves how this is going to affect our communities and our religious freedoms.

A new effort by a group of anti–gay groups to smear “gay” groups is being launched by the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, the Focus on the Family, and other right-wing organizations.

The new campaign, “Famous Americans Against Gay Pride,” was announced Monday by an organization that claims to represent anti–LGBT people, but it is actually a “hate group.”

The group’s president, Matthew Barber, said in a statement that the “FAMPAC” “is a hate group that believes that ‘homosexuality is the opposite of heterosexuality.’

That’s just plain wrong.”

Barber said he and the other leaders of the group were “disappointed” by the decision to cancel the event.

“The event is a great success, but we’re very disappointed with the decision by the FAMPAC to cancel it,” Barber wrote.

“This event has been a powerful platform for our movement, and we hope that other LGBT activists and leaders will see it the same way.”

The event is scheduled for May 4 at the Parkland Mall in Georgia.

It will be hosted by the Christian Coalition, a nonprofit Christian ministry that Barber said supports traditional marriage.

The event will feature an array of Christian leaders, including Bob Vander Plaats, pastor of the Billy Graham Center for Missionaries and Missions in Florida; Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on Family; and James Dobbs, president of FocusOnCoverage.org.

The group claims that “gay people” have a “sin complex.”

The “FamPAC” has also announced that it is hosting a “Freedom Rally,” in which “a group of Christian conservatives will rally against anti-LGBT legislation and push back against LGBT activists.”

The rally is scheduled to be held on May 12 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The rally will feature several “family values” speakers, including former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a Republican who has made anti–abortion comments.

Corbett is also expected to be featured in the “Freedom” rally.

In addition to the FamPAC, other anti–discrimination groups will be participating in the event, including the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is based in Washington.

The American Freedom Defence Initiative claims to stand against the “homosexual agenda,” including the “promotion of a homosexual lifestyle and acceptance of homosexuality.”

The AFFDI, which has previously received funding from the Family Council, is also planning to host a “Women of Courage” event on May 5 at the Omni Atlanta hotel.

The Women of Courage event is being promoted by the AFFDI, a non–profit that claims it has “helped thousands of women lead positive lives and achieve their full potential.”

It will feature a number of speakers, many of whom have ties to the AFA, including Robert Driscoll, the former AFA president who has also been named as a speaker.

According to the American Action Network, Driscol has also called “gay rights” a “homophobe’s disease” and described the LGBT community as “the greatest threat to civilization.”

In addition, Dr. Bob Vander Pelt will be on the “WOMEN OF CHANGE” panel.

The AFA is a “national, nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the Christian values and principles of marriage, family, and the sanctity of life,” according to its website.

The organization has a long history of anti‐LGBT rhetoric.

It has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that claims that the AAF “is one of the largest, most diverse, and most active pro-family and anti-homosexual organizations in the world.”

The page also states that the organization is “one of the few organizations that defends the Constitution and stands for biblical marriage as the foundational cornerstone of the nation’s Christian heritage.”

The American Family Federation also claims to “support and defend Biblical marriage, the family, God, and society.”

The organization also claims that its “mission is to promote Christian values in the public square and in our local churches.”

According to its “Mission Statement,” the AFT has “been dedicated to promoting the Biblical principles of Biblical marriage and family, promoting Christian family values, and promoting Biblical marriage in public life.”

The statement also claims, “the AFT will not condone or defend same-sex behavior and marriage.”

As a Christian, I strongly believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

It is a biblical principle that must be upheld and that we must abide by.

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