How to tell the difference between a dental implant and a root canal

A patient’s doctor may recommend an implant but it can be a different story when it comes to root canals, experts say.


Morgan Dentist, a dentist in Tampa, Florida, said she had patients come in for root canles.

“The first thing you notice is how thin the root canal is.

It looks like it’s made out of plastic,” she said.

Dr. Morgan said that’s because the device has a small hole in the middle of it.

That’s where the dentist inserts a toothbrush and picks up the root and the toothbrush falls out.

The device may be able to treat root canales, but it’s also not going to help people with other conditions, like osteoarthritis, which affects the root of the tooth.

Dental implants have also been linked to cancer, but experts say they may be a better option for the majority of patients.

A lot of the root canal implant patients are people who don’t have osteo-arthritis.

But people with osteoarthritis are more likely to need root canls.

People with a variety of conditions can also benefit from the root-canal system, experts said.

For example, a person with asthma might benefit from a root- canal system.

You can also treat a variety to treat a range of conditions.

The main benefit of root canlas, according to Dr. Morgan, is that it can help people live longer and be healthier.

They also can help with tooth decay.

And, as with all dental implants, the device is not a replacement for regular oral care.

It can help improve your overall health and help prevent other diseases.

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