My first dentist in San Jose was the best I’ve ever had, writes blogger Michael C. Gerson

San Jose, California – For many years, I had a routine dentist who was a great colleague and an honest person.

I never considered him a dentist, but he was there every day, and it was hard to be alone with him.

My dentist friend and I started seeing each other regularly after my dental appointment.

We started working together, and the relationship grew more and more intimate.

In time, we became good friends.

In fact, we were so close that I even thought I was his wife.

For about five years, we got married, and we had a son.

We moved to a different city, moved to another state, moved back home, and had a daughter.

But I never lost my love for my dentist, who is now the most important person in my life.

We worked together on a variety of issues.

He was always in my corner when I was in pain or needed something.

He gave me advice on everything from my weight to my diet.

And he was always honest.

He never blamed me.

I am a person who works in the public sector, and I love that about him.

He also cares deeply about the dental profession.

He would never want to see me hurt, even if he had to go through a procedure.

He did everything he could to help me and make me feel safe.

My first dentist was the same guy who worked for me, who was very caring and a wonderful person.

My second dentist was the person who was the hardest working and most honest, who always gave me the best advice and always listened to my concerns.

My third dentist was a friend of mine.

He and I had been in touch for years, and he was my best friend.

He worked hard, was good with people, and treated everyone with the utmost respect.

I loved him.

We had a wonderful time, but it was not easy for him.

But he had no regrets.

We have become close and I miss him every day.

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