Dentist: I didn’t know how to use an ice pick

Posted September 11, 2018 08:59:52In what is the most shocking and disturbing dental story of 2018, a dentist in Wichita, Kansas, was fired over a tweet, that he claimed was a racist one.

“I’m white,” wrote the dentist, who goes by Dr. Anthony J. Smith.

“And I don’t want to work with black people.”

The tweet was written in a private Facebook group that had no apparent purpose other than to express his political views.

“He’s just saying the obvious to everybody else that thinks it’s okay to say anything to you,” said the attorney representing Dr. Smith, who has filed a lawsuit.

The attorney said Smith has been told to take his tweet down.

The dentist, Dr. Stephen J. Johnson, said he has been trying to get the group to remove the tweet, but the group has refused.

“We’ve been telling them, ‘No, no, no.

Stop it,'” he said.

“I have to make this point: There’s no justification for what he’s saying.”

Johnson is the director of the Oral Hygiene Clinic at the University of Kansas.

He said he took the tweet down after a discussion with his bosses, who he said asked him if he would take the tweet offline.

“They’re saying it’s racist, it’s mean, it hurts me,” he said, adding that he’s been receiving threatening messages since the tweet was posted.

“It’s a sick joke.

It’s a joke that’s been running for a long time, and now it’s coming back with an even bigger and bigger message.”

Dr. Smith is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is an umbrella group for American churches.

He has no affiliation with the denomination.

The Southern Baptist convention does not have a policy against offensive remarks, but said it has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of bigotry.

The denomination said it will continue to monitor the situation.

“The Southern Baptists believe in love and fellowship between all people, including members of the LGBTQ community,” the denomination said in a statement.

“We recognize that all people are different and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We do not condone violence or discrimination.”

Dr Smith said he is considering filing a lawsuit against the Southern Baptism.

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