Which dentist has the highest per-pupil revenue?

A report published by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released on Monday suggests that the state’s three dentists who handle more than 40 percent of the nation’s dental work are making more money than they do.

According to a summary of the study, the report showed that “there are only three dentistry physicians in the country who receive a per-patient fee in excess of $1 million.”

The report found that the three denticians who have the highest average per-person fee of $10,000, are the Pasadena, California, and San Diego, California dentists.

The report also noted that the Pasadena and San Francisco dentists have more dentists per capita than any other dentists in the nation.

The five dentists with the highest median income per patient are the San Diego and San Jose, California; the two Los Angeles dentists; the four New York City dentists and the five dental offices in Texas, including the dental offices of Dallas dentist Dr. Anthony Fauci, who also serves as the chief of dentistry at the VA.

The VA has long struggled to keep up with rising costs.

Last year, the agency spent $5.7 billion on dental care.

The study also found that dental workers in California are more likely to see a disability, while dentists from other states have lower rates of disability.

The findings, which came out just days before the state hosts the Democratic National Convention, could prove to be a turning point for Democrats as the party seeks to woo Latino voters.

According the report, the dentists are also making more than the average California dental worker.

The report said that, on average, California dental workers earn $50,837 annually compared to the national average of $50.4 million.

California also ranks among the top states in terms of the percentage of people with disabilities.

According to the study , 49.9 percent of dental workers have a disability compared to 36.4 percent nationwide.

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