The Dentist Baton Rouge: A Quick Look at the New Adidas KD 15

Bleacher Sports’ Adam Schefter breaks down the latest news in the basketball world as well as NBA players on the latest “Basketball News Roundup.”1.

NBA Players and the Dentist Batman is back!

NBA players are now in full force.

The #NBATBD hashtag is trending on Twitter and fans of the league are clamoring for the latest in KD and LeBron.

It’s not easy for a KD or LeBron to get the smile on their face when they’re in the dentist’s office.

However, KD and his team are doing it.

As of Tuesday morning, KD has his “Baton Rouging” uniform on.

There are two different versions of the KD 15 Batman: the regular one and the Batman 2.1 Batman 2, but this is the Batman that was officially unveiled today by KD’s team.

It is a little bit smaller than the original Baton, but it still packs the same impressive paint job and style.

The “Batons” are also slightly different from the “KD” version.

KD wore them with a cap and mustache, while LeBron wore them on the back with a mask and a beard.

The Gotham version also comes with the signature KD logo on the side.

The Batons have also become very popular in other cities and states around the world, so it looks like the KD and team are going to make the most of this new trend.

The Batman 2 is going to be the only new KD 15 jersey this season, but we’re sure he’ll be wearing one in other colors and styles when the NBA season starts.


The NBA and KD’s Baton Routing has finally arrived.

The KD 15 Baton has officially arrived.

As always, it’s a great looking jersey that looks awesome with the KD branding.

KD has also given his team a new nickname, “Batontrouge.”

“Batouge” means “to take pride in,” according to a tweet from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

You can find the official “Bat-Boat” logo on both sides of the jersey.

The name is also on the waistband of the new KD “Bat” 1, and the “Bato” logo is also a big part of the uniform.

The Nike KD 15 “Batoon” kicks are now available for pre-order, and there is a limited number of “Batondracking” kits available as well.

Nike is also releasing a special “Batomodel” version of the Baton with an embroidered KD logo, so you’ll be able to dress up your KD jersey in a fun way.

This is an official KD “baton” that you can get as well, which is a nice touch.

The only thing we really wish Nike was doing more with this jersey is putting a KD logo and the baton on the sleeves of the batons.

They should have the batontrouges on the sleeve, not on the chest, because it’s kind of ridiculous.


LeBron is a huge fan of the “Batman” batons!

The LeBron James Nike KD Batons are going out on Tuesday.

The Adidas KD Baton Rouge is available now, and it will be the new color for the KD “Batman 2.”

The Nike LeBron KD Batoon has also been unveiled and will be available on Friday.


KD and the Cavs are going toe-to-toe with the Lakers in Los Angeles.

KD is on a roll, as you can see in the pic below.

KD was last seen in Los Vegas with Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers are trying to get KD to join them in Los Cinco de Mayo party.

KD went to LA to do some charity work for the charity of his choice, which includes helping raise money for the National Association of Dental Hygienists (NADAH).

KD went on a charity road trip to the Bahamas, where he visited Disney World.

KD took a selfie with a guy named “Cousin Kobe” who lives in Los Cruces, Florida.

KD also went to the Magic Kingdom, where the Kobe Bryant Family and his son, Isaiah, are attending the 2017 All-Star Weekend.


The Cavs are finally going toe to toe with the Warriors.

KD’s Cavs jersey will be in a limited run of only a few thousand, so the Cavs will likely need to win out in order to have a chance to wear it in their home games.

KD hasn’t played in over a month, so he’s not ready to play yet.

The Cavaliers are coming off a loss in Detroit on Wednesday night, so they need to take advantage of that.


KD gets the #NBACloud shoutout in his first game.

KD, who has played in just two games since returning from his hiatus, finally got his first NBA game this season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the Brooklyn Nets at home on Tuesday night. The game

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