When the dentist is not busy with patients, he’s an adventurer, according to a cartoon published by News24.

Dr White’s work with Nemo and his own pets have become a viral hit online, and he recently took the opportunity to reveal more of his quirky and quirky side.

“When you meet Nemo, you are looking for a home.

I am not a normal dentist,” he said.”

But when you come to me with a problem, I am a dentist, because I know Nemo better than anyone.”

Dr White has a long history with animals, having trained animals in his practice for 25 years, and even has a pet dog called ‘Bunny’.

“I am a veterinarian and a professional, and my family’s been with me all my life,” he explained.

“I know what a pet is, and I know how to treat them, and we have been doing that for 25-odd years.”

That’s how I get to do it.

“Nemo is the mascot of the company that publishes the cartoon, and Dr White is not only the mascot but also a well-known animal trainer and expert.”

Nemo, because he’s so friendly, he gets on well with people, and there are people that get on well too,” he added.”

He’s very affectionate, he’ll even give you a smile.

He’s got this thing called a tail.

“Dr Whitson has also trained other pets, including a Labrador named Buddy, a dog named Rufus and a poodle named Daffy.”

It’s like a dog and a dog, but Buddy is like a human.

I know him.

He is my best friend,” he quipped.

Dr White said he did not get the chance to meet his daughter at the age of six, and now has no regrets about that.”

Because of Nemo I have had to learn a lot of new things.

I have learned to be a little more careful, a little bit more cautious,” he laughed.”

Now I know when I’m in danger, when I can’t get Nemo.

I just try to do the best I can.

“Nemo is the perfect pet to get in touch with Dr White.”

We’re all about the same thing.

I’m a bit of a nerd and he is a bit like a robot, so he’s got a lot in common with us.

“The only difference between us is the name Nemo,” he joked.

“And if you look at his cartoons, you can see that he’s always been drawn by someone who is more famous than him.”

My family is always looking for new adventures and new things, and if they see a picture of Nemos cartoon and I say I’m interested, they will send me over to their house,” he continued.”

If they don’t, they just send me back to the zoo.

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