How to keep your kids’ teeth healthy, if you can’t afford it

A young dentist who’s trying to get out of the practice is making headlines for what could be his last day of practice.

The Associated Press reported on Monday that a local dentist is trying to convince parents to let him close his doors because he’s not paying his bills.

In his final month, Dr. Lee Dentman told parents that he couldn’t pay his bills, and that he’s only saving $300 a month for dental care, according to the AP.

His office has closed, and he says he won’t be able to pay his bill for another month.

“I feel like I have to close the doors, but I don’t want to be in the hospital,” Dentman said.

“We’ve had a lot of people ask me if I can leave.

I said, ‘Well, you know what?

I can’t leave because I don�t have the money.

And if I don, I wouldn’t be in a position to pay my bills.’

I can�t go anywhere without my bills.

So I�ve got to find a way to pay for it.”

A spokesman for the state�s Department of Children and Families said the agency is aware of Dentman�s situation, but that the department has no plans to close Dentman’s office.

The dental chair in the lobby of the Dentman office in downtown Asheville is a small, white wooden chair with a plastic frame that can be tilted down or turned around.

It�s covered with a white paper towel that the dentist has placed in the sink.

Dentman says that it�s safe for his patients to wear gloves, but he won�t provide a doctor�s certificate.

He says that he can�s’t afford to do so.

Dentman is not the first dentist to close his business in recent years.

He closed a dentist�s office in North Carolina last month.

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